Camunda 8 Unified SDK for Node.js


This SDK provides a high-level Node.js API for Camunda Platform 8.

The full API documentation is hosted here.

Watch a seven-minute speedrun demo video here:

API Coverage

Component Tested Environment
Zeebe SaaS, Self-hosted
Operate SaaS
Optimize SaaS
Tasklist SaaS
Console SaaS


npm i camunda-8-sdk


Set your Camunda SaaS credentials in the environment (at the moment, only Camunda SaaS is fully supported).

import { C8 } from 'camunda-8-sdk'

const zbc = new C8.ZBClient()
const console = new C8.ConsoleApiClient()
const operate = new C8.OperateApiClient()
const optimize = new C8.OptimizeApiClient()
const tasklist = new C8.TasklistApiClient()

Refer to the API docs here for full documentation of each component.

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